A little bit of our EVS

Hello everyone ! My name is Ana , i´m 25 years old , i’m from Spain and I landed in Florence on Monday wrapped in rain that made beautiful city is an even more beautiful and magical , it was more than five months ago but I still remember my arrival in Italy and it is like yesterday. At the airport were waiting for me the other volunteers Merve and Estefania along our mentor Niccoló and in our first week we started and our interesting project that primarily consist of these four activities :

1. Hospital transport and social services
2. Food Aid
3. AMG (Associazione Minorati Gravi)
4. Mutature

The last one mentioned above is the oldest service that provides Misericordia , which gives a home help , both physical and psychological to old people who live alone and cannot move theirselves ,who are ,sick or disabled in some way . This service is for one of the most complete and you learn from each case and story house the value of volunteering .

And now I invite you to enter to the page of the organization where we do our EVS , hope you like it !



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