Working in Disability Center

I’m Estefanía, I am 25 years old , I’m from Málaga ( Spain ) and I am a volunteer European European Volunteer Project , I want to speak of my experience here, but in particular of one of the sections including where you work in the Association of Misericordia.

This article is to explain my experience in the disability center that takes place in the center of Villa Valentina .

This center was created to handle residential , day and outpatient treatment, rehabilitation and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and / or sensory and psychiatric conditions .

The problems of mental and physical health of people with intellectual disabilities often manifest differently than the rest of the population. This leads to great difficulties in the assessment , diagnosis and the ability to receive appropriate treatment for your specific needs .

This center provides multidisciplinary evaluation , therapeutic intervention and monitoring of mental health problems and other.

The multidisciplinary evaluation visit is conducted by a team consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist , general practitioner and physiotherapist.

The ancient tradition of service to help the most needy in our city and the richness of human resources and professional commitment that characterize Florence Misericordia guarantee those accepted in our centers , “a place to live ( ” move from institution be inhabiting the house “) and a community of a family (where the person feels accepted , valued and free to express their affection ) ” which grow in personal autonomy , housing , social, and obtain a significant improvement in the quality of life .

I studied Speech Therapy in my city and when I saw this project collaborated on a work with this center , I saw an opportunity with them giving all my support of the possibilities out , for example speech therapist .

They perform different activities , workshops and dynamics to stimulate and strengthen every possible improvement day by day. Ever since I started with my help collaborated with one of the center and thus pedagogues thus I give all my support as a speech therapist to them in this section and above the help they receive them with this type of reinforcements and therapies.

I like to make them work via computer program , activities to improve in some different problems discriminative either cognitive, morphosyntactic or attention . Although when I came here, I knew little Italian , but from the first time if you think you can provide your help , all you have to apply your effort and desire for them , gradually learn a new language and intervene to the extent that meet with them .

This experience for me is one of the biggest I’ve experienced so far because the environment with the center’s staff is very good and if you put all your effort to help you will be welcomed by all with no problem .

Much gratified to see how even if problems and limitations with a single smile they communicate everything you know how you like help .




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