My first day in Florence


Before coming to Florence i checked tons of information, cities near to visit, museums, festivals and other things. I arrived three months ago ( Gosh i remember like yesterday time passes so quickly here!). It was rainy and i was stucked with my bags in the train station. When i saw my supervisor Walter and our mentors Cecilia and Federico it was like seeing an invisible hand that holds a clapboard and says me ‘’Action!’’.  like before shooting a film.  ‘Ciao’ say all together  and we headed to the car. I remember looking from the window of the car to the city like a person who sees first time what is looking like the world. We came to our home and my suprise doubles!!  A very very big and old house in the center of Florence, more than beautiful!

After we passed to Misericordia and they make me know someone, i, still in mute mode, still can not believe  that i am in Florence. Finised the presentations they accompany me home and i will be alone for 2 days waiting my spanish homemate Estefanìa.


I am heading the way and i just want to be lost. I walk walk and walk. I stay speecless in front of the beauty of Duomo, the crowd in Ponte Vecchio, seat for nearly one our in Piazza Signoria still can not believe after waing for months i am here , in the place of my dreams. The foto of Florence which i was using on my desktop of my office computer is here , real and i am in this foto this time.


Then i continue to walk and had the smell of coffe  in the narrow strees of the city( on my top ten list of thing to miss when i turn to Turkey) , i saw the people in their lunch time going to work with bike. The harmonic sound of italian occupies me, i pass the streets hearing lots of different languages, different places . I pass from storical market and turn to home. I think i think i think : Am i really in Florence?

The other day i woke up early and go to Misericordia. I enter the big hall and greet everyone ‘Buongiorno! Ciao!’’ and i thought i saw  my name on the big screen that is used for the news of our organisation in the enterence of the building. So ı turned again to control if i saw it well.  And appears a page and i see ‘’ Our fisrt volunteer arrived yesterday from Turkey. Her name is Merve. Let’s give her a big greeting’’. I smile and i say:

 ‘’Welcome to your new home!’’

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