my evs

what do you think about your life, when you have good education and also not bad work. When everything going in the proper order of society stereotype? My mum thought that I’m getting crazy, when I decided to make volunteer service in Italy for 6 months and leave all my previous life with all signs of success. Why that idea is coming to me? Maybe even once at life (hope that much more often) you have to do something not only for career and success…not only to take from life whatever you want, but also to give…or only give…think a bit about inner development not only about social scale.

Actually in practice it works absolutely in opposite way: as more you give, as much you get. Now I’m absolutely sure that I decide to change my life in that way…just because life begins at the end of your comfort zone…definitely it’s beautiful true…just because i’m sitting here in the public library near Duomo in Florence, absolutely happy of being here and doing volunteers work…to be continued…)Imagen


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